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Managing Customer Complaints Workshop
Managing Customer Complaints - Top Tips
- Enhance brand protection
Allergen Risk Assesment
Allergen Risk Assessment
- Tried and Tested Advice
Supplier Approval Management
Supplier Approval Management
- 10 Top Tips


Enabling Step Change Improvement In Food Safety & Brand Protection

dashboard QADEX Vision brings every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customers and new product development together in one simple dashboard. Its unique user friendly, real time features allow technical managers to see at a glance how their operations are performing and, should a problem arise, identify corrective actions.

Working in partnership with our customers and their global supply base we ensure that information required from suppliers is timely and accurate. All QADEX modules are designed and tested by food technologists with the specific demands of the food industry at the heart of everything we do.

QADEX provides the market leading Technical IT software solution for food businesses. QADEX Vision is a managed software solution delivered over the internet driving step change improvements and substantial cost reductions.

Unlike others, QADEX:

  • is founded and managed by experienced food industry professionals
  • does not just sell software, we work in partnership with customers and their suppliers to deliver satisfactory outcomes.
  • is in place & being used by many satisfied customers.

To take advantage of this exciting new market leading package, simply choose the modules you require now, and add others at a later date as and when needed.

QADEX have gained a large amount of experience over recent years supporting customers and their suppliers through system roll-outs. With a team of over 70 experienced personnel we have flexibility built into our systems. We also work with customers to agree individual roll-out plans that take account of resource requirements. As part of a growing business we also have a continual recruitment process whereby the team grows steadily in line with the growth of our customer base.

Saving in Food Technologist time is a substantial benefit. Existing QADEX users have estimated the savings from using QADEX at between 40% and 75% per annum.

Brand protection, the ability to respond rapidly to customers when incidents arise in the food industry will help to further differentiate your business from competitors.

Solution already in place and being used extensively throughout the food industry with a wide range of satisfied customers. Benefit from the experience of the QADEX team plus feedback from thousands of users who have been using QADEX since 2005.

One stop solution with integrations to existing systems such as ordering, factory recipe management, customer websites. In fact the QADEX API (application program interface) is flexible enough to interface with any other IT system that has interface capability.

Future proof, QADEX is a specialised provider of solutions to the food industry. With a dedicated development team we are constantly adding new functionalities based on customer feedback and requests. The QADEX system is desinged for and built for people like you!


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