Customer Complaints

Why Leading Customer Complaint Software and Outsourced Customer Care Go Hand in Hand

What happens when your product meets your customer’s expectations?
Your customers will most likely be quietly delighted that your business delivers what has been promised with no issue.
But what happens when not everything goes to plan?
We all know that customers are increasingly aware of their rights and are quick to complain when they perceive that your product does not meet their expectations. And while people that are pleased with your product are unlikely to go around to friends, family and social media talking about their positive experience it is becoming more and more common for unsatisfied customers to broadcast their frustrations on every channel possible, to be possibly seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of eyes.
So you have customer complaints coming into your business, what do you do?
Most companies will record complaints they have received, including details of their name, address, the product the used and how the complaint was dealt with overall. But then this record is most likely stored away, never to be looked at again, this is data that could be used for analysis and to help you identify areas for improvement.
Apart from not being able to see areas of concern this also leaves you at risk from “Serial” complainers who repeatedly complain to the same business looking for fraudulent refunds and free products, unless you recognise the name/address of the repeat complainer are you going to notice this unless you manually look through neverending records?
Customer Complaint Software to help deal with fraudsters
Wouldn’t it be easier if there was an online, customer complaint software solution available?
The QADEX customer complaint management software allows you to manage your customer complaints with ease, as well as giving you analytics which can be reported on within your business at the same time. No need to search through old complaints each time you are raising a new one, if someone has historically complained within the same area location as the new complaint you will be notified and can link these complaints together.
Organise and monitor investigations into common complaint issues such as foreign bodies, manage all of your complaints in one easy to use dashboard.
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Don't struggle with consumer careBut what happens if you do not have the resources available to manage your customer complaints?
If complaint management and Consumer Care becoming more and more demanding on your business, you may be wondering if there is an easier, something to help you free up your exhausted resources.
You may want to consider outsourcing your Consumer Care.
By using outsourced Consumer Care for the food industry, by the food industry, the constant Consumer Care burden on your team will be greatly reduced.
This will allow you and your business time to maximise resources, and make informed decisions without being overshadowed by a relentless stream of complaints that need to be dealt with.
By outsourcing your customer care line you can expect to see the following within your business:

  • Improve customer lifetime value.
  • Be well prepared for crises.
  • Achieve customer brand loyalty
  • Increase profits
  • Maximise resources
  • Make informed decisions
  • Reduce complaints per million units sold year-on-year

QADEX can help provide full UK Consumer Care outsourcing to suit your businesses needs. We can help you turn profit-draining customer complaints into key business intelligence. When put alongside our customer complaint software you will be receiving data and tools to drive step-change reductions in customer complaints across your business and Consumer Care to be proud of.
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Best Practises for Customer Complaints and Customer Care Outsourcing