Whatever does the future hold?

Perhaps it is a not sufficiently late in the year to be gazing into crystal balls and looking at the future of the food industry and its attempts to protect the food supply chain, but what the heck! Horizon scanning is good at any time.
It is apparent that the US food industry is getting to grips with third party certification and has now passed the UK in numbers of certificated plants and businesses. The Food Safety Modernisation Act is proving to be a challenge but the enforcers and the enforced are coming to terms with it.
The continued development of the food industries in Eastern Europe, in South America and in Asia is also set continue.
In all these regions a common experience will drive them naturally to take the next steps toward a mature food safety system that efficiently deals with the volume of work involved in effective supply chain risk management.
The UK’s Food Standards Agency recently pointed out that to be able to protect the food supply chain the key would be the collection, analysis and exchange of information. The mature UK food industry has already appreciated that and has been turning more and more toward effective and efficient supplier monitoring systems.
The USA is now beginning to appreciate the benefits of using experienced technical food professionals allied with proven web based communication systems to safely relieve them of some of the burden of auditing suppliers.
It is not something to rush into. It has to be weighed and considered. It is the kind of decision helped by talking to someone who is already involved. It is likely therefore that US companies that move first into supplier risk assessment and supplier approval management systems will be those who first talked to their UK based branches.
The sooner the better because the pressure on food supplies around the world will grow.
The shortage of ingredients will result in a race to ‘get the good stuff’, but who will be the good suppliers? Can they meet your product specifications? Are their factory specifications going to satisfy you and your customers?
Having the right information from a reliable source will become key to success. Having access to a good and proven quality management software will protect your company’s future.
A good tip for the future: get your celebratory wine bought early.
Haven’t you heard there is a world shortage!