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Boeing Dreamliner grounding impact on food safety

For those of you who are not aware of the Boeing Dreamliner Grounding there is more information available if you just Google “Boeing Dreamliner”
During last week I noticed that the grounding of the dreamliner and the Horse Meat contamination were top news headlines.
What struck me as interesting was that both of these are major brand protection issues for the businesses involved and based on media coverage it would appear that the respective supply chains may have contributed to the problem.
Will these incidents increase the focus on supply chain risk management at board level and the risk to brands?
It also strikes me that the companies involved are already leaders in their respective sectors when it comes to supply chain risk management and brand protection. If they can be embroiled in something like this what about everyone else.
It also strikes me as a bit of bad luck, wrong place, wrong time and all that. These issues could just have easily embroiled other brands.