New Development Process

What does good look like when maintaining your project database?

Last week we discussed the best practice of NPD process managers facilitating gate meetings
This week we are going to move onto the next best practice which is that the NPD process manager should maintain the project database.
This is a very straightforward recommendation as it is commonplace in most food and drink businesses that the project database is maintained by the process managers.
To clarify, when we refer to the project database this can take any format and for many businesses will often be an Excel spreadsheet. What is key is that the spreadsheet has all projects listed and all tasks within each project.
Keys things to consider:

  • In fast paced NPD the database should be updated at least daily.
  • If there are any changes all stakeholders involved in the launch should be notified.
  • The database should be easily accessible by all users 24/7.
  • The database should be flexible enough to reflect differing project complexities.
  • Should provide clear visibility to all stakeholders of where bottlenecks exist in the process.

And you have guessed it, A best of breed product launch management solution such as QADEX does all of the above automatically, including live dashboards which are fully configurable to each customers requirement and shows such things as tasks overdue, by time overdue, by team.

Next week we will talk about the next best practice for NPD process managers which is maintaining the system and its documentation.