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Warning: Risky Business! UK Is as Bad as China When it Comes to Food Safety!

Have we got your attention? 

No doubt like many others you’re intrigued and questioning this statement. How can it be possible when the UK is regarded as one of safest countries when it comes to food safety? 

You would be absolutely right to question it, but take a look at the data;

Still questioning it?  No doubt you’re asking: Is the data from a reputable source? What method was used to collect the data? How up to date is it?

With the complexity of global supply chains, no wonder businesses can feel overwhelmed with the amount of data available to them, coming from multiple channels. It is impossible to keep on top of it all.

“By the time your perfect information has been gathered, the world has moved on.”

The data above came from the RASFF database, would that change your view and trust in the data? 

At QADEX we partner with customers to help them  ‘’get ahead of the problem’’, to put contingency plans in place by sending alerts.

The QADEX platform has a functionality that works with the RASSF database.  When alerts are loaded onto the RASSF database the alert feeds instantly into the QADEX platform.  The QADEX system will automatically search your product specifications and alert you where the search matches exist. 

You can quickly identify potential risks, and take a view on whether you need to put any actions in place. The QADEX platform performs the heavy lifting for you, finding the data to help you make informed decisions after all;

“Statistics are no substitute for judgment.”

Henry Clay, 19th-century U.S. politician 

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