Supply Chain Risk

Warning: Risky Business! France Is Riskier than the UK When it Comes to Food Safety!

Have we got your attention? 

No doubt like many others you’re intrigued and questioning this statement. How can this be?

Let’s take a look at the evidence…

You are no doubt left questioning how the data is collected and is the source a reputable one.

Supply chains are complicated. Businesses can feel overwhelmed with the amount of data available to them, coming from multiple channels. It can feel impossible to feel on top of it all and a bit like running through a muddy swamp. The task is endless and ever evolving.

“By the time your perfect information has been gathered, the world has moved on.”

The data above came from the RASFF database, has that made you have more trust in the data?

At QADEX we partner with customers to help them ‘’get ahead of the problem”  by sending them alerts so they can put plans in place. 

The QADEX platform has a functionality that works with the RASSF database.  When alerts are loaded onto the RASSF database the alert feeds instantly into the QADEX platform.  The system will automatically search your product specifications and will alert you to where the search term has been found in your specifications. 

How cool is that! 

Imagine the time you will save!

How cool is that! 

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