Walkers use raw material provenance in marketing

What started out as a blog post about a really impressive way of turning the robustness of Walkers supplier approval procedures and confidence in raw material specification accuracy into a great marketing campaign has turned into a gripe about the ease of scoring an own goal (not that Gary scored any OG’s).
For those of you who are unaware, Walkers Snack Foods are currently running an on pack campaign called Gary’s Great Ingredient Hunt, which encourages consumers to go a a website and enter a code which can be found on pack to take part in the competition.

Extract from Walkers website showing how to access the code

Looks great and I tried to have a go, but I cannot get at the code.
So with dogged determination I check out the instructions in screen to peel back the film which proved impossible to do, for me at least.
After about 5 determined minutes (during lunch break!) I eventually manage to peel the top layer of the laminated crisp packet. I bet when the packaging technologist was agreeing the packaging specifications with the film supplier they never envisaged consumers trying to do what I just did with the packaging.
Suffice to say I have now given up with trying to take part in the competition and am now blogging about  the immense pressure on branded food businesses to deliver on every touch point with consumers. A single point of failure can turn a great customer experience into a customer complaint and more work for the complaint management team.
I have no doubt Walkers have extensive QA checks in place to avoid this type of thing and are and all non-conforming products are being proactively managed.
But they did have a fire recently at Beaumont Leys and are probably under intense service level pressure.
The campaign does feel like a great idea but I hope it does not backfire if a large number of consumers had the same experience (generating for walkers complaints). It is a thin line between sublime success and a brand protection nightmare.

Walkers Complaints and Marketing

We’ve taken the inspiration behind the Walkers’ innovative marketing campaign and turned it on its head, to critique its successes and failures as key take-home lessons for any business in the food industry.

If you’re looking to create a great marketing campaign for your business, it’s vital that you consider the actual practicality of what you’re planning, from the perspective of your consumer. We understand that there’s tonnes of pressure on branded food businesses to consistently deliver levels of 100% satisfaction to their consumers but, if you don’t carefully consider the customer experience side of your ideas, they can end up leaving you with a brand protection nightmare.