Use pre-approval questionnaires at the earliest opportunity

If I had a pound for every time a technical manager has told me that NPD and purchasing often introduce new suppliers or ingredients into their business which then turns out to be a problem when an audit is conducted I would be a very wealthy person.
There is a simple solution which a number of enterprising QADEX users have started to use.
They give NPD and purchasing access to their QADEX accounts and require them to get a pre-approval self audit questionnaire (SAQ) from the potential new supplier at the commencement of discussions or when samples are being submitted.
They then use the QADEX automatic supplier risk assessment to set minimum standards which all new suppliers must meet, thus weeding out any problematic suppliers at the earliest possible opportunity, or creating an early identifier that the supplier auditing may be required.
This then frees up the technical, NPD and purchasing team to spend time resolving the problematic suppliers who are already in the business.