Supplier Quality Assurance

Upgrade to supplier non-conformance management

Over the past 12 months there has been a massive increase in the number of our customers using the supplier non-conformance functionality and the non-conformance dashboards.

With the introduction of BRC 8 and an increased focus on supplier quality monitoring this will grow in importance.

This functionality is free for all customers using QADEX for supplier self audit questionnaire management.

Key functionality includes:

  • Configurable non-conformance types.
  • Configurable supplier deadlines for responding to each non-conformance.
  • Configurable non-conformance reference numbers.
  • Customisation of when you are alerted about outstanding non-conformances.
  • Non-conformance summary page with multiple advanced filters.
  • Cool live dashboards which display non-conformance information in many formats which can be customised locally by you.

Example dashboards below

This dashboard shows a month by month trend line of non-conformances by type. Remember that these types are configurable and can be what ever you require.


Across the top there are filters which you can use to decide what you want to see on the dashboards.


Here is a dashboard showing non-conformances by supplier.


Here is a dashboard showing non-conformances in pie chart format for those of you partial to a nice pie chart.


These are only a small selection of the dashboards available.

Remember that this is free to use for all customers who use QADEX for self audit questionnaire management.

The upgrade being released this weekend allows suppliers to respond to non-conformances individually even though you may have sent them out in a batch.