Allergen Management

Government planning oral provision of allergen information

At the Anaphylaxis Campaign conference, Sue Hattersley from the FSA announced that the UK is intending to introduce a national measure to enable the oral provision of allergen information for non-prepacked food.
It is believed that this will encourage conversation between the food business and the consumer.
But the food business will need to have systems in place to ensure allergy information is captured and available to staff to give to consumers.
Apparently the legislation should be in place by the end of this year.
My worry with oral provision is how will this be delivered consistently, how often do I sit in restaurants these days and struggle to converse with the waiting staff on less critical issues such as placing my orders and asking for basic information relating to the dish of interest.
What about the complexity of differences on food product specifications for similar items across different regions in a food service operations supply base?