Train to Gain – Who gains

One provider has still not come back to us, the other provider has started a paper trail, which we are led to believe will result in training…or it could lead us to a yellow brick road.
We have signed all the forms in duplicate and triplicate, in fact I have never seen so many forms just to get some training completed.
Buy guess what, one of the forms was a self audit questionnaire just like those food safety questionnaires that we all love…
The NVQ level 3 training is funded by the Government but the amount of management and staff time that has been wasted filling in various questionnaires to ensure that that the training is appropriate is crazy.
I would have thought that as a business we would know what training was appropriate for our team and if we are commiting to free staff who are very busy up for training we would have already internally assessed what training was appropriate and for whom.
In fact the cost of the time that this is taking could negate the benefit
But hey, big brother knows best and it does create a lot of jobs in the public sector filling in the forms.
And the forms are going to take 4 weeks to process……..
Who knows, the recession might be over by the time we get to the end of the paper trail or the government may have run out of money.

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