Train to Gain, maybe HACCP should be included?

We are all in the throes of recession if we believe everything we read and hear in the media.
Our esteemed leaders in government have decided that training is the solution and have provided loads of borrowed cash to fund training.
Within our own business we have been bombarded at various levels with marketing literature re train to gain and support towards NVQ.
Continuous improvement and training is something that is important to us as a business, so if the government was offering to fund it, we decided to have a look, unfortunatley there was no NVQ courses in the area of supplier assurance or food safety available to us.
In fact, in light of the systemic failings identified by Professor Hugh Pennington on his recently published report into the September 05 outbreak of E.coli 0157 in South Wales, maybe there should be NVQ’s on HACCP and food safety introduced as a matter of urgency rather than the brick laying NVQ which there is unlikely to be much need for these days.
But our journey towards NVQ’s has just begun, and the road seems a little rocky so I will probably have some updates in coming weeks, or probably months/years based on the speed that things are moving at!!

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