Top 5 Reasons to Fire Your Database or Spreadsheet

Working in the food industry is no easy profession. With new legislation coming into effect all the time, it’s hard for organisations to ensure they are always compliant. Food businesses trying to manage an ever increasing list of suppliers and compliance laws can get caught out if they don’t stay one step ahead. Keeping paper records leaves too much room for error, which simply expose businesses to substantial risks. We recommend food businesses to use effective, industry-focused software which automatically takes care of risk management and brand reputation – such as QADEX. Here are some of the benefits businesses can expect when switching their own databases to an efficient software built specifically for suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.

Automatic Updates

As transparency and accountability become increasingly important within the food industry, it is very easy for essential information to fall by the wayside particularly when compliance is processed in-house. Automatic updates ensure that whenever something changes in your supply chain, you are aware of it immediately. You don’t need to concern yourself with accidentally forgetting anything– QADEX software will remind you.

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Designated Account Manager

The advantage of a designated account manager is that a trusted professional, with years of industry knowledge is on hand whenever you need help. Installing new technology to a business can be stressful, but an account manager is always available to lend a hand when you need it. Once you are familiar with the system, you’ll be kicking yourself for not letting go of the paper records earlier, as the software makes life so much easier.

Access to data to improve your business

QADEX software stores relevant data that enable those operating within the food industry to improve their business. Cohesively managing supplier information, relationships, processes and non-conformances, the user has access to a wealth of graphs and data which can highlight areas for improvement.

Audit Ready 24/7

Spreadsheets and databases are often not suitable for audits, needing to be clarified, analysed or even presented in a more appropriate manner. Specialised food industry software lays out information in an audit ready fashion so that it is always easy to present as required.


 Multi-stage Risk Assessments

Utilising the knowledge of different departments is essential to ensure that a business is working as a cohesive whole. By completing and inputting information from different departments, all information can be integrated to form a reliable, reflective risk score for suppliers. No more chasing teams to hand in their spreadsheets!

These are just five of the many reasons why food businesses should fire their databases, spreadsheets or paper record system and invest in the best tool they could possibly install: QADEX Vision software.