Top 10 Risks for Food & Drink Manufacturers


The AON Food and Drink risk survey identified the Top 10 Risks facing Food and Drink Manufacturers.

  1. Commodity prices / cost of raw materials
  2. Increased competition
  3. Damage to brand or reputation
  4. Multi-retailer power
  5. Cash flow / liquidity risk
  6. Distribution or supply chain failure
  7. Food safety management
  8. Product contamination and recall
  9. Consumer trends
  10. Weather

As far as I can see, 60% (1,3,6,7,8) of these risks could be interpreted to be included within a comprehensive supply chain risk management plan.
They are definitely risks that are being managed by technical teams in food businesses, which brings me to one of my soapbox issues.
Why do so many food businesses not have food safety represented at board level?
What do you think?