4 Things To Look Out For When Risk Assessing

  • Supplier audit questionnaires have been returned within days of being requested.
  • Missing questionnaires have been chased up and returned.
  • Missing information on questionnaires has been asked for and subsequently provided by suppliers.
  • Everything is now collected and complete.

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We recommend that you review submitted questionnaires carefully and complete a quantitative scoring and risk assessment of each supplier.

Remember, if a supplier has something to hide then a self audit questionnaire may flag up a potential problem. Watch out for the following:

  • Missing information. Question why.

  • Unusual answers Is the answer a red herring to deflect attention from a response that they know you won’t like?

  • Claiming information is not available. This red flag may mean that the supplier is an agent/trader who does not have the necessary information and may not have approved the site.

  • Suppliers who have not returned questionnaires. In our experience it is those suppliers who do not provide information who may be high risk. And – how can you carry out a risk assessment without the necessary information?

It is not possible to risk assess suppliers who refuse to complete supplier questionnaires so you need to audit these suppliers yourself or initiate a planned de-list programme.

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