The risk of adulteration of naturally derived food dyes

Speaking at the IFT expo in New Orleans in 2011, the director of US Pharmacopeia, Markus Lipp is quoted as saying
“For colorants, it’s the perfect storm: consumers are demanding it; they’re getting tougher to source”
“the signals are there. There’s a complacent public and overactive advertising philosophy going with it…there’s so much money that can be made so easily under the radar, you’re almost stupid if you are not doing it”
So how as a food industry can we feed this into our horizon scanning and ensure that our supplier audit and food safety risk assessments are robust enough to pick this up.
How many businesses have specification management software robust enough to quickly identify where across their entire operations naturally derived food dyes are being used.
Supplier monitoring & QA checks then need to be flexible and and well integrated to enable non-conforming product to be quickly identified.