The perfect meatball?

Reports on recent trials at the University of Missouri explained how they looked at ways of improving the US consumers diet.
Dietary fibre levels are one cause for concern with most people consuming half the recommended amount. So trials were carried out with meatball recipes and the research team looked at replacing some of the bread crumb ingredient with citrus powder derived from orange peel.
Doctoral student Ms Ayca Gedikoglu, and Professor Andrew Clarke discovered that the addition of between 1% and 5% of citrus powder resulted in meatballs that were acceptable to the consumer.
It seems to be a plus on many levels.
Dietary Fibre levels raised.
Product yields increased.
Potential antioxidant benefit
Possible flavonoids addition
A food marketers dream.
So what about new recipe meatloaf, burgers, sausages, Bolognese.
The report points out that the powder is relatively cheap though how that relates to the price of crumb was not clear. By finding another use for a waste product of the fruit juice industry there could be benefits for that industry also.
Too good to be true?
Is it a challenge to product description legislation? Is this an EU approved ingredient? What would be the impact on supply chain security? Is the product open to fraudulent substitution?
With an efficient and effective supply chain management system these questions could be answered with assurance, product specifications could be resolved and we could perhaps look forward to pork and orange meat balls.