The cost of moving the goalposts ……..

On both sides of the Atlantic the regulatory authorities are contemplating changes to the inspection regimes and they are inviting comment from interested parties.
The UK’s Food Standards Agency is preparing to respond to proposals from the European Commission to replace EU regulation 882/2004 and ‘modernise’ legislation around food, feed, live animals, and plants. The FSA say views are welcomed and stakeholders should have their responses submitted by 9 January 2014
The FSA has pointed to the potential changes in inspections and the possibility that it will have an impact on costs. It is intended that industry will pay all costs of inspection. At present, the system for funding and charging is mainly left to the discretion of individual EU member states. Under the Commission’s proposed plans, member states would be expected to recover the full cost of official controls.
Now is perhaps the best time for the food industry to be asking the EC/Government regulators across the EU to create a formal framework that would allow the European food industry’s private inspection and food safety certification schemes to be recognised.
Why pay twice for the same inspection?