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Tips to Ensure Effective Business Continuity

How robust is your business continuity plan? Are you well prepared or are you having to think on your feet when interruptions arise? How are you measuring risk and what data is it based on?
Take a look at our top tips on how to ensure your plan is effective, resilient and able to evolve quickly with ever changing risks.

1.Identify risk areas and the most critical business functions

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it! This task is not to be underestimated. Do you struggle to gain a clear picture of all risks in your supply chain due to the amount of data and how widespread it is? Our platform helps the management of data and gives quick snapshots of different risk perspectives in dashboards, leaving you time to concentrate on the decision making.

2.Use the Cloud

If there was a fire or flood at your premises are your IT systems accessible and safe? In recent weeks many businesses have had to deploy their employees to work at home. Cloud-based systems with trusted data security resolve this issue, everyone can mobilise and back to ‘business as usual’ very quickly. QADEX is audited by KPMG giving our customers trust in our security.

3.Simplify the process of viewing data

Imagine everyone working in different locations all over the globe, using many  different databases/spreadsheets. Collating and measurement of data in this way is complicated to manage and share. The solution is to have one single version of the truth, in one place, in real time. Everyone in the business can view the same data to make informed decisions quickly. 

4.  Partner with suppliers that work with you to ease the strain

Are you working with suppliers that you trust to work with you in times of need? Can they take any of the heavy lifting for you? We have dedicated account managers who proactively do the work on your behalf and manage your specifications easing your stress.

Our QADEX solutions can help you address all of these critical issues and give you  peace of mind during tough times.

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