Food industry issues in the media

Symingtons shorten food supply chain


It has been reported in various sources that Symingtons, makers of Pot Noodle are to open a factory in Yorkshire to manufacture noodles for use in Pot Noodle which are currently manufactured by 2 chinese suppliers. In the process creating 50 jobs.

In recent months I have started to notice a trickle of manufacturing coming back to the UK from China.

Rampant wage inflation and rising oil prices are all being cited as removing the cost advantage of offshore manufacture.

I would suggest a number of other advantages including;

  • reduction in supply chain risk

  • supply chain auditing cost savings

  • food safety risks reduced

  • supplier monitoring & QA checks reduction

  • likely to be less non-conforming product

  • less need to worry about ethical compliance and the brand protection risks

It would be interesting to see the weightings applied to the above variables in the cost/benefit decision on returning production to the UK.

Well done Symingtons, and may the trickle become a flood of manufacturing returning to the UK.