Corporate Social Responsibiliy

Supply Chain Security in a whiskey distillery

Last week I have the good fortune to attend the Anaphylaxis Campaign conference for corporate members at the Auchentoshan Distillery in Glasgow.
I was there to support the campaign and keep up to date with with the latest developments in allergen management and allergen labelling, honest.
The complimentary tour of the distillery, followed by a tasting,? never entered by calculations to attend.
The tour was interesting but what I was most taken by was the sustainability of the whisky supply chain. Some examples included;

  • The sourcing of all local barley as a raw material with the only other ingredients being yeast and locally extracted water.
  • In a growing number of distilleries the spent grains (Graff) is being used to power Biomass electricity generation, or used as animal feed.
  • The casks used to age the scotch are recycled bourbon and sherry casks and these casks then go on to be reused for up to 30 years before being recycled at end of life
  • The glass bottles that the whiskey is sold in are recyclable

There must be a lesson here for other food supply chains from a sustainability perspective and also from the perspective of reducing supply chain risk.
It is also interesting that the Scotch Whiskey Industry is a global leader and one of the UK’s most successful exports.