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Deliver gate to plate transparency with our Food Supply Chain Mapping

Whether for fraud prevention, modern slavery risk management, or supply chain sustainability, you may need to map all or part of your supply chain.

If you experience some of the following challenges then we have the solution.

Trying to use spreadsheets is time consuming and does not deliver the transparency you require.

The cost of supply chain mapping is prohibitive.

You are struggling to map the complexity of supply chain relationships such as agents/brokers & warehousing/transport.

Your customers require supply chain maps.
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Supply Chain Mapping

Want a better way of mapping your supply chain? You're in the right place!

What is Food Supply Chain Mapping?

Food Supply Chain Mapping (UK) is a fairly new process, having gained prominence following the horse meat scandal of 2012 and was initially introduced to support vulnerability assessments (VACCP). Supply chain mapping involves thoroughly analysing every supply chain a company has, and finding out exactly where a raw material or ingredient has come from, all the way back to origin, which is often a farm, fishing vessel or pond.

There can be many tiers in a supply chain map, generally speaking the more tiers the more complex a supply chain is. And the more complex a supply chain the higher the risk.

In our opinion too many IT solution providers, selling supply chain mapping, encourage you to map your entire supply chain. This is a massive, complex and multi-year undertaking. We recommend you initially focus on your highest risk supply chains based on a robust risk assessment. You can always extend the scope later.

What are the issues with not choosing competent Food Supply Chain solutions?

Because of the volatile and uncertain environment we live in today, complex food supply chains can often be overlooked, which can lead to dire circumstances, such as unwillingly sourcing goods from companies knowingly or unknowingly using modern slavery or from countries with terrible working conditions (caused by natural disasters or otherwise).

It involves going through every part of a materials supply chain in meticulous detail, checking if they are fully compliant with all the standards relevant to your business, and are what you would class as a trusted supplier. The benefits of supply chain mapping are endless, but one of the most prominent has to be the ability to identify those suppliers that pose the biggest risk to your business.

Failings in food supply chain mapping, whether relating to product safety, quality, legality, sustainability or responsible sourcing can be very detrimental to brands and businesses commercial success. Not done properly it can lead to a greater amount of risk, a lower level of transparency, damages to reputation and a stagnation amongst the competition. The transparency provided by supply chain mapping can provide reassurance to customers and consumers and is increasingly being used by some brands to engage directly with consumers.

How can Food Supply Chain Mapping in the UK prevent Food Fraud?

The quality and safety of products sold to consumers are a function of the raw materials and the food supply chain that has been responsible for delivering products to consumers. Failings anywhere in the chain can impact consumers. Food fraudsters can be active at any point within a supply chain and like most criminals they like to operate out of sight.

Food supply chain mapping delivers enhanced transparency and visibility within a risk-based approach to food supply chain management. Enhanced transparency enables the food industry to identify high-risk parts of the supply chain and increase scrutiny of these high-risk areas through risk mitigation methods such as audits and product testing.

How have Food Supply Chains changed over time?

Food supply chains have become more complex and global over the years to meet consumer demand for ever more interesting and innovative products and to meet the need for what were once seasonal products all year round. In recent years there has been an increased focus on food security and developing resilient supply chains. An up to date food supply chain map enables food businesses to fully understand their supply chain.

Straightforward Solutions with QADEX

The QADEX food supply chain mapping (UK) solutions are fully integrated with an every growing suite of modules which encompass all aspects of supply chain risk assessments, supplier approval management, supplier audits, product specifications, allergen management, goods in checks, quality checks, internal auditing, non-conformance management, customer complaints management, document and knowledge management.

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