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Supply Chain Risk Management Software

supply risk management software icebergSave large amounts of time creating supplier risk assessments and ensure consistency across all supplier and product risk assessments.

Risks to your food and drinks company are hidden in your supply chain and can have detrimental effects in many areas of your business model: Financial & Commercial, Food Safety, Ethical, Environmental & Brand Protection.

With the rapid rise of social media and ever watchful media there are huge advantages to be gained from using an integrated solution for supply chain risk assessment that can evaluate potential risks and bring them to your attention long before they appear on someone’s Twitter feed, on display to the world.

Existing manual processes for supply chain risk management are time and resource consuming, usually using complex spreadsheets or outdated database solutions.

Managing risk assessments consistently in a standardised and audit-friendly manner can be a challenge when you are dealing with many suppliers, based in any of 90 different countries under the BRC global standards.

Supplier Risk Assessment & Management

The QADEX supplier risk assessment module is the ultimate supply chain risk management tool, which can be deployed either as a standalone module, or in conjunction with other modules such as supplier auditing.

Our supplier risk management software package works online 24/7 while you get on with managing your business, it will efficiently and in real-time, manage all your supplier risk assessments on a rolling schedule, alerting you to any possible non-compliances, long before they reach the consumer and his Twitter feed.

Supply Chain Risk Management Software - Right or wrong

Here is a quick guide to how it works:

A more detailed explanation can be given, once we know the specific needs of your company and its industry sector, and we are very happy to show you in detail how it can work effectively with your existing system.

  • It is totally configurable to your specific supply chain risk assessment criteria and parameters and is flexible enough to risk assess and score your suppliers.
  • Multi stage risk assessments can be completed by different departments with all information coming together to form an integrated “risk score” for the supplier.
  • All suppliers are managed consistently.
  • All of the data required to complete risk assessments can be auto-populated from self audit questionnaires and product specifications saving large amounts of time.
  • Advanced tools to help ensure consistent risk assessments are available.
  • Your company will be automatically Audit ready 24/7.
  • This software makes it easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way.

Would you like to see how it will work with your systems? Have a chat with one of our team about your specific supply chain risk management issues and how we may be able to help.

FREE Supplier Approval (Including Risk Assessment) Improvement Workshops

QADEX are also delivering “Improvement Workshops” around Supplier Approval and Risk Assessment.

The aim of these workshops is to give you an insight into what we are hearing & seeing as the key challenges around supplier approval and what you can do as a business to help manage them through the use of supplier risk management software

We will present you with some opportunities you may not have realised existed and how these opportunities have worked out at similar companies to your own.

Get to see how the QADEX system can reduce your costs and give massive time savings for your business first hand.

You will also get a demonstration of our robust supplier approval and supply risk management software, with the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

At the end of the workshop, you will have created a personal Next Steps Plan for you to take away and start actioning within your business.

Supply Chain Risk Management Software identify risk

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