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Supply Chain Compliance Software

supply chain compliance software best practisesSupply chains for the food and drinks industry are long, complicated and constantly changing, particularly for food service operators who need to keep on top of ethical compliance and environmental risks within the supply chain.

Compliance of your supply chain is time consuming and resource intensive and many foodservice operators are currently running standalone systems for assessing the various risks in their supply chains. This can result in duplication and dilution of effort, especially with increased media and consumer focus on ethical and environmental standards, which are constantly being upgraded.

The ability to access real-time and accurate information in an easy to read format is a vital tool for supply chain compliance, and the need to deep-dive into the past and current performance of every supplier is a daunting task manually.

So QADEX have brought to market a software package that does all this for you and provides a day-by-day status of every supplier at any time, highlighting instantly any weak areas or potential problems which means you can resolve them a long time before they become a serious or unexpected risk to your food service operation.

Integrated Solution to Supplier Ethical & Environmental Compliance

The QADEX Supplier Risk Assessment Module is an easy to use, cloud-based software that can be deployed either as a standalone module or in conjunction with our other modules such as Supplier Auditing.

The advantage of having an integrated solution like this to assess supplier ethical compliance will enable your Technical Managers to spend much more time managing the forward progress of your business, while the software handles all the routine work in the background, highlighting any possible anomalies.

Benefits of QADEX Supply Chain Compliance Software:

  • The QADEX software package is totally configurable to your specific risk assessment criteria and parameters, providing the flexibility to risk assess and score all your suppliers on their ethical compliance using your specific key criteria.
  • It easily handles multi stage risk assessments which can be completed by different departments with all information coming together to form an integrated “risk score” for the supplier.
  • Every supplier is managed consistently and appropriately for your specific food service operation.
  • Using the QADEX Supply chain compliance software will easily drive a continuous annual improvement programme in your supply chain, no matter how many suppliers you need to deal with. This means you will be able to evidence improvements year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way.

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