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Food Safety Risk Assessment Tools

food safety risk assessmentFor all Food Service Operators, carrying out Supplier Risk Assessments and reducing food safety risks are a major part of the role of Food Technical Managers.

Supplier Quality Failures can lead to huge problems within your own production processes and sales outlets, so finding new ways to prevent these problems and to reduce or prevent any future product recalls is definitely the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

With an ideal system; the whole of your supply base could be assessed for any food safety risks using a standardised, consistent and auditable process across your business, but it should also be easy to install and fast and easy to use. QADEX are delighted to inform you that our Supplier Risk Assessment Module can put a tick in all these food safety risk assessment boxes.

Here’s how it works:

QADEX Supplier Risk Assessment Module

  • It can easily be used in conjunction with our other modules, as well as a stand alone package. You then have total control over the customisation of each of your food safety risk assessment criteria.
  • Based on the outcome of the risk assessment, automatic prompts will advise the next steps to take in the supplier quality assurance program.
  • You can quickly and easily add on other modules, such as supplier auditing, at any date in the future, whether you are using it with other modules, or as a stand-alone package.
  • It is configurable to your existing food safety risk assessment criteria and parameters and comes complete with the flexibility to risk-assess and score, suppliers.

More Efficient means Fewer Resources and Less Costs

You will quickly notice a reduction in non-conforming product delivered by your suppliers and all suppliers will be managed consistently providing you with:

  • Easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way.
  • Easy to set your own food safety risk assessment criteria and parameters
  • Easy to identify next steps in the approval procedure through system alerts
  • Easy to adjust criteria and parameters over time
  • Easy to receive automatic notification of suggested audit regime
  • Easy to justify all risk assessment with a 24/7 Audit trail.

Why not have a demonstration and see how this could transform your existing process and save resources and costs on your bottom line.

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