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Supplier Risk Assessment

Reduce Product Non-Conformances Or Recalls As A Direct Result Of Supplier Quality Failures.

Supplier Risk Assessment

With supplier risk assessment of your supply chain, you need a standardised, consistent and audit-able process across your business. The QADEX Supplier Risk Assessment module is the answer.

Often used with other modules, this must-have tool allows customisation of your supplier risk assessment criteria. Based on the outcome of the risk assessment – automatic prompts advise the next steps to take in the supplier approval process.

Benefits & Features Of Using QADEX Risk Assessment Module:

  • Configurable to your supplier risk assessment criteria and parameters. Flexibility to risk assess and score suppliers.
  • All suppliers are managed consistently.
  • Easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way.
  • Set your own supplier risk assessment criteria and parameters
  • Identify next steps in the approval procedure through system alerts
  • Adjust criteria and parameters over time
  • Receive automatic notification of suggested audit regime
  • Audit trail to justify risk assessment.

If you would like to learn more about how our Supplier Risk Assessment module can benefit your business please click here.

Supplier Risk Assessment
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