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Supplier Monitoring And QA Checks On Intake

Supplier Monitoring - QA Checks

Best practice is that all raw materials be checked, on intake, to ensure compliance with specifications.

Many food businesses currently do this manually using paper based systems. QADEX users can automate QA checks on intake and create an integrated supplier monitoring system.

Benefits & Features Of QADEX Goods In Manager Module Include:

  • Checks are conducted in a consistent manner, against pre-determined criteria, always.
  • Less non-conforming product into depot.
  • Automatic links to the Raw Material Specifications module ensures that Goods In operators have access to current raw material specification information at all times.
  • Product sampling programs are consistently applied
  • Product testing for microbiological, chemical, physical and organoleptic standards, as required are conducted consistently.
  • Non-conformances can be auto notified to suppliers for action.
  • Temperature checks, where required are managed consistently
  • Powerful reporting capabilities ensure you have all the supplier history information necessary to inform ongoing supplier risk assessments
  • Auto interfaces with purchase ordering systems if required.
  • Customisable checks for different products.
  • Meets the needs of technical and purchasing teams.
Supplier Monitoring - QA Checks
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