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Non-Conforming Products Can Be Avoided

Non-Conforming Product

Any non-conforming product that finds its way into your outlets, can seriously damage your brand. After investing heavily to build a strong brand in the market-place, it is vital to ensure that all of your supplier approval management and product specifications are firmly in place.

Making sure that all your established suppliers are delivering products that consistently match their specifications is an ongoing task and this is where QADEX can help. Streamlining your QA checks on intake; and at any point through your processes, will identify any non-conforming product – before it reaches your outlets.

QADEX Non-Conforming Product Module

This is a simple online software package, that will configure all your QA checks, by product category, to reflect each different type of check that is necessary across each type of product.

Here’s what it will enable you to do:

  • You define the frequency of check completion (every delivery, 3rd or 10th delivery etc.)
  • You can complete more detailed checks for specific products from specific suppliers (where you may have quality concerns, or a history of non-conforming product)
  • You can configure “one-off” quality checks to be completed for a defined timescale. (the software will then automatically remove the “one-off” checks at the end of the defined period.)

The QADEX Solution

With the QADEX Non-Conforming Product Solution in place; all your Goods-In quality checks can be completed quickly and easily by your in-house personnel or 3rd party solutions providers.

While Goods-In operators are completing checks; it can be critical that they follow work instructions carefully; and the QADEX software will give you extensive work instructions and full guidance procedures for the operators who are completing your checks. Thus ensuring full compliance and management peace of mind.

For all users of the QADEX specifications software, you will have automatic links to product specifications. This means that all quality attributes will be automatically available to your Goods-In operators, based on the latest approved product specification.

Why use the QADEX Goods-In Checks?

  • It is completely configurable to the individual requirements of your operation.
  • Non-conforming products will automatically generate ‘non-conformances’ which are sent to your suppliers.
  • Suppliers will then be reminded by the system to return corrective actions and preventive actions (CAPA) in a timely manner.
  • Extensive reporting dashboards enable the instant creation of supplier scorecards, turning supplier review meetings into productive quality reviews.

Using QADEX for Goods-In checks, means that any non-conforming product will be identified on intake and rejected to suppliers. This means that only the finest quality products will be supplied to your outlets, for preparation to be served to your valued customers.

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