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Drive Food Supply Chain Auditing Improvement

Are you looking to reduce the administration burden on your audit team?Food Supply Chain Auditing - Easy Way

Are you conducting supplier audits and feel that there must be a better way of managing the audit process from deciding which suppliers to audit and when, through conducting audits and closing out all audit non-conformances.

QADEX have designed industry leading food supply chain software, designed by the food industry, for the food industry. If you are struggling to manage your supply chain auditing and feel that they are becoming more time consuming than they should, this QADEX module is right for you.

Our supply chain auditing module will allow you to perform supply chain audits with ease as the system includes an audit scheduler to assist auditors, reducing the time taken to schedule workloads, saving your business valuable time and money.

You will have the ability to switch from paper-based auditing to an online auditing system which is accessible on computers and mobile devices such as tablets while still having the option to work on pen and paper if required.

Have a real-time overview of all outstanding non-conformances, available at all times of the day with colour coding to easily identify any overdue non-conformances, removing the need to look through outdated paper or spreadsheet systems trying to find the relevant information.

Easily manage your supply chain audit questionnaire within the system, allowing you to streamline the management and closure of non-conformances, freeing up time which can be spent improving other areas of your business.

By using QADEX for your food supply chain auditing you will see the following benefits:

  • An audit scheduler to assist auditors in workload scheduling.
  • Tools to match supplier and audit type to auditor competences.
  • Visibility on supplier audit status across the food supply chain to update KPI’s and other management reporting systems.
  • Management and closure of non-conformances is streamlined.
  • Real-time status of outstanding non-conformances with colour coding of overdue non-conformances.
  • Various ways to conduct audits from pen and paper to tablet computers.
  • Free up precious resources.
  • See cost saving benefits and enable step change improvement within your business.

Already using other QADEX modules?

You will be pleased to hear that this module can be fully integrated with other modules within QADEX such as:

  • Supplier Risk Assessment
  • Supplier Self Audits

This allows for easy integration between any other modules you have, allowing to streamline other areas of your business as well as your supply chain audits. Allowing you to see cost-saving benefits and step change improvement across your business.

Food Supply Chain Audit Services - Success

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