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Supplier Assurance Process

supplier assurance

These days, it is common practice to have a far more international supply chain, and many food suppliers, currently have a complex global supply chain is constantly changing, as ingredients are added, removed, or substituted.

This can result in an increasing amount of administration and management time. Agents, traders, distributors, large food groups, small local suppliers, mergers and acquisitions, all result in a constantly changing set of supply chain partners.

You and your team are expected to manage an effective supplier assurance process as part of your food supplier audit program, and making sure that all suppliers are up to date is time consuming. The QADEX system can make the whole process automatic and streamlined, saving you hours of work.

QADEX Supplier Assurance is a tried and tested solution which includes:

  • Easy to configure risk assessment criteria & parameters for you to change requirements quickly and easily as new threats emerge.
  • Automatic notification of suggested audit regime for each supplier ensures that supplier assurance is consistent across all of your operations.
  • Standardisation & removal of subjectivity from supplier assurance across group sites.
  • Audit trail of each supplier’s risk assessment history so you can see why and when supplier risk profiles have changed.
  • Secure and easy to use website.
  • Unlimited system support to suppliers.
  • Technical support to suppliers who need assistance.
  • Automatic reminders to suppliers who have not completed.
  • Telephone based follow up calls to suppliers who are slow completing.
  • Ongoing liaison with your technical department regarding any issues that arise.
  • Easy updates when questionnaire formats are changed.
  • Multiple questionnaire formats for different types of suppliers.
  • Access to a suite of management information reports that provide overviews of supplier assurance status.
  • Ability to run queries across all data held in the QADEX system when you need to answer questions or produce statistics based on data received from suppliers
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