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Product Specification Software – Food Industry

Product specification food

Food and beverage quality and safety requirements have become even more stringent from consumer demands, Government Standards and the Food Information Regulations. Allergens must be stated in every food product, along with the ingredients used and their declared nutritional values.

This means that getting your Product specifications right, is an immediate priority for every food and drinks business. It can be a complex process to find out the concentrations of each ingredient in your finished product, and in each separate ingredient, and small changes in the recipe can lead to hours of work to recalculate the accurate revised composition, and the effect this may have on your process of production.

Consumers are demanding more detailed information about products they intend to consume, coupled with a greater ease of retrieving it, owing to the rapid growth of Smart Phone and tablet usage. This also provides an ideal opportunity for progressive food service operations to use these methods to sharpen up their internal product specification processes and then broadcast this to their consumers.

Whichever way you look at it, the use of manual and paper based processes is now inadequate and cannot cope with this new style of evolving digital future.

Product Specification Software

QADEX has the perfect solution that will manage product specifications seamlessly from supplier to consumer.

It has been designed to collect and manage product specifications and at the same time, make life as easy as possible for suppliers to comply.

Why not have a look for yourself HERE, or get in touch with a member of our team who can answer your questions about it, by clicking:

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