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Accurate Quantitative Ingredient Declarations

Reduce The Risk Of Prosecution And Adverse Media Coverage.

Accurate Quantitative

QADEX enables users to create, modify and approve finished product specifications from an approved database of raw materials. Product specifications created will include accurate quantitative ingredient declarations to ensure compliance with the food information regulations.

Raw materials information is gathered from suppliers and then you simply select the raw materials used in the finished product to create the specification.

This module will also alert designated personnel when raw material information is updated.

The QADEX Finished Goods Specification Module offers:

  • Finished goods specifications created from database of approved raw material specifications
  • Automatic alerts when ingredient specifications are updated
  • Customisable specification format
  • Work in progress specifications for bases, sauces etc.
  • A database of raw material information (when used in conjunction with other modules)
  • Version control
  • A simplified process which free your technical resource to focus on other priorities.
  • Accurate quantitative ingredient declarations reducing the risk of prosecution or adverse media coverage.
  • Improved validation and data accuracy reducing errors.
  • Time saving when managing changes to specifications.
Accurate Quantitative
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