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Complaints Tracking For Brand Protection

Tracking complaints to Improve Food Safety & Brand Protection

complaints tracking

Brand protection often relies on your ability to deal with ‘Crisis-Comms’ responding quickly and appropriately to customers when incidents arise in your food business. Successful management of complaints in the food industry will differentiate your business from competitors by the way you deal with them.

The current use of social media means that a fast moving, online, complaints tracking system, is a vital requirement in today’s food industry and the QADEX Customer Complaints Manager module can do exactly that for you.

Just one complaint thundering across Facebook and Twitter, can spell disaster for any brand, so having a complaints tracking software package that will find and report them as they happen means that your response can be a public example of your great customer service and customer loyalty.

You can quickly and easily turn any incident into a well-rehearsed PR exercise that will raise your brand loyalty and give you good publicity. Does your current system provide all this?

Complaints Tracking Online from QADEX

  • Capture of all complaints data across multiple sources.
  • Automatic notification of potentially fraudulent complaints.
  • Collating all complaints data in one central location, enabling your customer service team to identify the genuine complaints and to respond FAST!
  • Categorisation of complaints by severity.
  • Automatic allocation of complaints to correct manufacturing site for investigation
  • Genuine complaints are then integrated into your standardised customer complaints handling processes for full investigation and reporting in a consistent fashion.
  • Management of internal service level agreements on response times to complainants.
  • Configurable templates for responding to consumers & retailers.
  • Extensive reporting dashboard of complaint trends, patterns and Complaints Per Million Units(CPMU)

complaints tracking

All QADEX modules are designed and tested by food technologists with the specific demands of the food industry at the heart of every solution. Working in partnership with our customers and their global supply base, the information you get is always timely and accurate.

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