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Food Industry Customer Complaints Manager

Complaint Management

It is never a good thing to receive complaints from customers, and for the food and drinks industry, it is always in the public eye when something goes wrong, or a small ingredient slips through the net.

Managing complaints properly is vital, especially now that social media channels can spread bad news faster than you can respond to them. A robust and watertight system is therefore vital to protect your brand, and to resolve issues quickly, so that YOUR social media channels can tell a good story.

Do you wish you could save time and energy managing your customer complaints?

Customer Complaint Management

The QADEX module focusses on a system that will manage all complaints quickly and easily, but ensures that each complaint is handled correctly and efficiently. It comprehensively covers all aspects of reporting and the processes needed to drive a complaint through to its successful completion.

This system will reduce the amount of time spent handling each complaint, duplication of effort and the lack of visibility on progress. When a complaint is received, it can be logged either from your own website form, or entered onto our system.

This information is then passed to the relevant department and can be closely monitored until a satisfactory outcome is reached, with the option of email reminders directly to those departments automatically from the system.

It boasts a powerful reporting system in place for trend analysis and full, real time visibility on all complaints received. Here’s what else it can do:

The QADEX Customer Complaint Management Module Enables Your Business to:

  • Log all complaints within a timely manner.
  • Track all outstanding complaints from the dashboard.
  • Manage the non-conformance process to a high standard.
  • Have visibility over all complaints and investigations.
  • Automatically chase any outstanding complaint investigations and corrective actions.
  • Customisable letter templates.
  • Saves time by only entering information once.
  • Trend common issues to improve services to your customers.
  • Creation of reports for corrective actions to help reduce the number of complaints over time.

Quite honestly, these days, can your business afford to be without it? For more information, click here.

Linked Modules

We can also create Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that allow your existing systems and QADEX Vision to work together.

Future proof, QADEX is a specialised provider of solutions to the food industry. With a dedicated development team, we are constantly adding new functionalities based on customer feedback and requests. The QADEX system is designed for and built for people like you!

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