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Complaint Reporting

To Drive Reduction In Complaint Levels.

Customer complaints are a major issue in many food service businesses.

The QADEX complaints manager module has been designed to manage all stages of the consumer complaints process in food service businesses.

With the ability to keep in contact with consumers through email, letter, telephone and SMS, complaints can now be handled in a highly effective manner to aid customer satisfaction.

There is also a powerful reporting system in place for trend analysis and full, real time visibility on all complaints received. Complaint reporting has been designed to take account of many food industry specific challenges such as:

  • Major events such as promotions, relaunches etc. and impact on complaint reporting.
  • Products moving between suppliers over time.
  • Product codes being changed over time but the underlying products being unchanged.
  • The need to report across product tiers, product categories, region etc.

If your business could benefit from the only complaint reporting solution designed to reduce complaints for food service operators then Contact Us to request more information.

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