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Customer Complaints Food Industry Software

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Customer complaints in the food and drinks industry can seriously damage any business within days using a few pictures on social media sites, so every Foodservice Operator needs to have their finger on the pulse of incoming complaints from many different channels.

Not just the traditional letter of complaint to the Times, or the phone call to Head Office; these days aggrieved consumers will take to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram before they bother picking up the phone. That means a robust customer complaints system is needed throughout the food industry to protect your brand and to deal with incoming grenades quickly and successfully, before someone pulls the pin out…

On the positive side, every customer complaint in the food industry means you have a regular customer who has experienced some kind of problem that they actually WANT you to solve, so they can carry on buying your product. So, all you need to do is, solve it….

Food Industry Specific Customer Complaints Management

It clearly follows that better management of customer complaints for food service operators, can enable drastic improvements to be realised in quality and customer satisfaction, and the historic method of managing complaints through a CRM system, are just not fast enough, are too labour intensive, and they are not internet based, so will only pick up and respond to letters and phone calls received by your Company.

A recent evaluation of complaints software in the food industry by QADEX has resulted in a software solution that has been created from extensive food business inputs from across the UK, Europe & US.

A dedicated food industry customer complaints tool is now available that provides a seamless link to suppliers for investigating complaints, with a process for ensuring their future reduction. The key benefit for the food industry, is that this system can fully integrate with your food supply chain.

QADEX Customer Complaints Food Industry Module

The only solution developed by the food and drinks industry, for the food and drinks industry, QADEX Customer Complaints module covers the entire lifecycle of the complaint; from consumer receipt, through full investigation and to a final root cause analysis across your food supply chains.

QADEX Complaint Support Centre

Using this complaints management software, provides you with full access to “backup or contingency” customer care-line personnel in the QADEX Support centre, so when you are faced with sudden peaks in complaints, we can step in to support at a few hours’ notice.

Accurate complaint logging and allocation is performed automatically, with a seamless link to your supplier complaint management systems for a faster resolution with full accountability.

Advanced Intelligence Tools

Auto alerts and notifications will flag when a product, or batch, has a complaint level which is “above trend” ensuring faster management attention and resolution. Complaint reporting dashboards are built and configured for your users at all levels, allowing for trending and CPMU.

Ask us for a completely free demonstration to see how this system could make your Food Safety Managers much more efficient, and much less stressed.

Resolve all your complaints quickly, hold your suppliers to account and protect your brand public image. We guarantee that you will keep your customers and pick up many new ones, from the good stories they tell about you to their friends and on social media channels.

Customer Complaint Improvement Workshops

QADEX are delivering Consumer Care Improvement Workshops to show how the QADEX customer complaints software and UK customer service outsourcing can benefit your business.

These workshops include an overview and demonstration of QADEX functionalities around customer complaint software and customer service within the food industry followed by Q&A, giving you a chance to see the system in action as well as asking any questions you may have.

See how, through the use of better software, your business will provide better service, giving you happier customers and higher profits.

During this Improvement Workshop we will cover the following topics:

  • The key challenges to customer service management, giving you the chance to discover challenges you may or may not have recognised.
  • See how these challenges are connected to a bigger problem and identify opportunities you may not have realised existed and how you can use these to your advantage when dealing with customer service within your business.
  • How we have seen this play out at companies similar to yourself.
  • A look into a new way for your business to manage customer service as effectively as possible.
  • How you can improve your customer service through the use of QADEX software.
  • See if outsourcing your customer service will be of value to your business.

By the end of the workshop, you will have created a personal next steps plan which you can take away and start to implement within your business to help improve your customer service.

You will also have an understanding of what the QADEX customer complaints management software is and how our online customer service outsourcing can benefit your business.

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