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Allergen Risk Assessments Made Simple And Easy

Does your business answer yes to these questions as part of allergen risk assessment?

  • Difficult to create and maintain allergen declarations across different types/formats of outlet across your business
  • Over-reliance on general “may contain” statements on menu’s
  • There is a big allergen risk assessment spreadsheet used
  • All the allergens are listed on this spreadsheet
  • All the ingredients purchased are listed on this spreadsheet
  • A matrix is created using the above
  • The matrix should to be updated every time a new ingredient is brought into the business

Creating and maintaining an up to date allergen risk assessment is an endless task.

This is no longer the case for customers who choose to use QADEX.

Even better, this module is free to all customers who choose to use our Raw Material Specifications module and Self Audit Questionnaires module.

Allergen Risk Assessments
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