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Food & Drinks Industry Allergen Management Software

Best practice demands that all recognised food and drink allergens are heavily managed by every company concerned with their manufacture, import, retail and presentation to consumers. Get it right and no-one notices, get it wrong and your brand may be damaged.

It is much more than simply knowing where an ingredient comes from; and requires complex procedures for all processes of production, systems for avoiding cross contamination, and close monitoring the appropriate packaging and labelling.

With the constant fear of any horror story going viral on one of the social media channels, your Allergen Management process can be an elephant in the room, draining hours of employee time at an extortionate long-term cost to protect your Brand.

The list of allergens with all their sub groups and strains, grows ever longer and constant effort and attention is needed to ensure that nothing – however small the ingredient – is untested, unrecorded, or unchanged in any way, including: cereals, eggs, fish, crustaceans, nuts & peanuts, soybeans, lupin, molluscs, sesame seeds, mustard, milk, celery and sulphur dioxide. In all their disguises and noting all the exceptions, additions and exclusions. (Useful guidance downloads at: )

QADEX Can Reassure Consumers and Protect Your Brand.

The Allergen Management Module from QADEX can resolve many of the headaches around this process with an automated system that will tell you when there is a problem, instead of you needing to notice it. Here are some of the other problems you can wave goodbye to, when you are using it:

  • No need to rely on an old paper based system which is not up to date.
  • No need to use your technical resources to review and cross check data from your suppliers
  • No need to examine every specification, against your supplier audit processes.
  • A lack of connection between supplier audit functions and product specification functions

The QADEX Allergen Management module is a unique solution which overcomes all of the above problems automatically using powerful inbuilt validation tools.

Why not have a look for yourself HERE, or get in touch with a member of our team who can answer your questions about it, by clicking below:

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