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Supplier Risk Management Made Simple

supplier risk management

With the ever changing demands and requirements of the food industry, it is crucial that you have a reliable and easy to use Supplier Risk Management system in place to ensure that each of your suppliers is properly assessed for potential risk before it is too late.

However, many legacy supplier risk management systems are still used such as spreadsheets which can quickly become hard to manage due to the vast amount of information that needs to be recorded and analysed on a regular basis.

Using a legacy, complicated system for your supplier risk management comes with the risk of an increased workload for your team, taking up precious resource that could be freed up and used elsewhere within your business.

This is why having an online, easy to use, system in place is crucial. It can automate the complex and hard to manage tasks, helping to protect your business while freeing up technical resources and cutting costs at the same time.

As a modular system, you can pick and mix the QADEX modules most appropriate to your needs confident in the knowledge that further modules can be added as your business needs evolve.

Below are some of the features and benefits of the QADEX supplier risk management module.


  • Audit trail of each supplier risk assessment history.
  • Secure and easy to use website for suppliers to complete self audit questionnaires.
  • Technical support to suppliers who need assistance when completing questionnaires.
  • Automatic reminders to suppliers who have not completed self audit questionnaires.
  • Ongoing liaison by experienced QADEX account managers with your technical department regarding any issues that arise.
  • Secure online access for your team.
  • Easy updates when questionnaire formats are changed.
  • Multiple questionnaire formats for different types of suppliers.
  • Live supplier approval status through a suite of management information reports.
  • Ability to run queries across all data held in the QADEX system.
  • Automatic chasing of suppliers for all expired certifications. For example BRC/GFSI, Halal, Kosher, Organic, Fairtrade, RSPO etc.


  • Free your technical resource to focus on other priorities.
  • Save 40% to 70% of the cost compared to existing processes.
  • Used by over 16,000 supplier sites so majority of your suppliers are already on QADEX.
  • Information gathered will allow you to easily spot high risk suppliers.
  • Audit ready 24/7.
  • Reduction in non-conformances.
  • Standardised process across all teams.
  • Business & brand protection.
  • Unlimited system support to suppliers.
  • Telephone based follow up calls to suppliers who are slow providing information.

If you would like to learn more about how our Supplier Risk Management module could benefit your business please get in touch:

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