Supplier risk assessment seasonal rush

It has been a long week, what with the chaos caused by a few inches of snow, to the large volumes of supplier risk assessments being processed by QADEX due to the seasonal rush…
Seasonal rush you may ask, what does he mean?
Working in the engine room of supplier risk assessment within the food supply chain we have noticed over recent years that there is an increased level of supplier risk assessment activity each January. Initially we struggled to explain why.
From anecdotal evidence the explanation is that most technical departments are under so much pressure in the latter half of each year in preparation for Christmas that supplier risk assessments tend to be put on the back burner.
In January some technical departments can get a little bit of a breather, for a few weeks anyway. During this breather there is a major catch-up on tasks that have been stuck on the back burner during the Christmas rush.
Hence the increased level of supplier risk assessments being completed during January.
A solution to this seasonal rush is to reduce the excessive pressure that technical departments are under to allow sufficient time throughout the year. Or maybe it is time for a government bailout to enable the recruitment of additional technical staff, this will have the added benefit of reducing unemployment :
Or as an endangered species have laws enacted to restrict the working hours of technical staff to 20 per week; for the same pay of course :
Heres to hoping.

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