Keep supplier emergency contacts up to date

Increasingly food businesses are maintaining a listing of all suppliers and the suppliers emergency contact details. Some of the ways that sites are trying to collate this information is from supplier auditing records or by trawling through supplier self audit information.
This is a time consuming process hampered by poor quality information on self audits and missing self audits. By the time the exercise is completed the emergency contact information is often out of date.
Some of our clever users came up with a very simple suggestion based on their usage of QADEX, why not create a report that extracts all of the emergency contact information from the self audits gathered during the supplier auditing process and put this information onto a report template within the powerful QADEX reporting area.
Users asked and we have delivered, this will now be a standard feature of QADEX 3.1
All existing QADEX users will have instant access to this feature and it will be covered during QADEX 3.1 roll out training and briefings.
If you are not a QADEX user then keep rooting through the manual records or give us a call and we will give you a sneak preview of this useful feature.

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