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Raw Material Supplier Specifications

Raw Material Specification requirements are becoming more demanding over time as retailers increase the requirements of finished product specifications for own-label products.

Whether it is HARA, farm assurance standards, packaging migration, etc., the quantity and quality of information required from supplier specifications keeps increasing.

QADEX Raw Materials Specification Management module is the only system designed specifically to collect and manage large volumes of supplier specifications while making life as easy as possible for suppliers.

QADEX Raw Material Specifications Module

An easy way to simplify the whole process of gathering and managing raw material and packaging specifications is to use our Vision dashboard that will bring every aspect of food safety, quality management systems, compliance, customers and new product development together for technical managers to see what is happening in real-time.


The QADEX specification module ensures that up to date signed specifications are readily accessible and that all specifications are regularly reviewed and updated. It will also alert you to any changes needed for your customers.

Once collected, and approved, all your supplier specifications can be seamlessly transferred to the QADEX Finished Products Specifications module to create and manage every finished product specification. It has been designed and fully tested by food technologists to resolve the specific demands of the food and drinks industry.

The ‘ready to use’ templates mean that any existing system can be up and running quickly. No need to worry about the migration process, because we provide all that as part of the service. We also include our vast database so all your technical information will start to populate very quickly. That means you will start seeing the benefits in just weeks!!

Raw Material Specification Module

Supplier Specifications NutritionThe whole process has been made much simpler and quicker with this module. It is easy to use in conjunction with other QADEX modules too.

It enables you to send out your raw material specifications in your own format electronically. Your suppliers will then receive the specification for completion online.

To deliver even greater speed and efficiency, our experienced team of account managers will liaise directly with your suppliers to make sure that the specifications are all completed on time.

It also contains a vital, searchable raw material specification database that will enable a rapid response to any food safety scares or requests from customers.

QADEX Raw Material Specifications Module allows you to:

  • Use your existing format specifications – or can help you with a redesign
  • Utilise QADEX account managers to ensure specifications are completed on time
  • Centralise raw material specifications if required
  • Retain version control of raw material specifications
  • Give suppliers free access to QADEX specification migration tool which drastically reduces the time required to provide raw material specifications
  • Free more of your technical resource to focus on other priorities
  • Be Audit ready 24/7
  • Have fewer audit non-conformances
  • Compliant with retailer and customer requirements
  • Protect your Business

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We can also create Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that allow your existing systems and QADEX Vision to work together.

QADEX in Plain English – Four Minute Tour

Talk to us to find out how you to implement QADEX Specification Management Module TODAY!

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