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TACCP Management Made Easy For Food And Drink Businesses

Horizon Scanning and Food Safety Alerts is an area that QADEX has been exploring since 2011, for several years prior to horsemeat, The Elliott Report and BRC 7.

Following the release of BRC7 and extensive consultation with over 40 QADEX customers we have built the QADEX TACCP/Vulnerability Assessment module.

A core element of the defence of food supply is a systematic evaluation of vulnerable elements of the supply chain.

“TACCP is a method, partly similar in tools and techniques to those used with HACCP, that assesses hazards and risks to the business, process or product from attack for malicious purposes, fraud, or gain for individuals or groups at the expense of the targeted organisation. The threat or attack may come from either internal or external sources.

These threats can then be evaluated, documented, reduced and mitigated. TACCP provides some approaches to the developing problem of malicious attack and compromise of integrity for the food and drink industry.

More familiar will be aspects such as team selection, process flow diagram, listing potential hazards, hazard analysis, assessing control measures, selecting appropriate corrective actions, verification and documentation/records, which are common to both, although the approaches to implementation may differ.”

This exciting module contains;

A horizon scanning tool based upon RASFF data available through a dedicated webpage.

Simply type in the name of the ingredient you are interested in and instantly see a trend graph showing instances of fraud and adulteration which have been notified on RASFF over the past 20 years.

Product risk assessments which can be completed at site level and summarised at group level. This is crucial for group companies where ingredient risk profiles require adjustment at site level to reflect site processes and customers. These risk assessments can be split between food safety and TACCP.

Multi-dimensional risk assessments at supplier level enabling separate risk assessments of food safety risk, TACCP, ethical risk, environmental risk, financial risk, commercial risk etc which can be completed by different personnel and can all be summarised in a 360 degree risk profile of each supplier.

Multi-dimensional risk assessments at product level, including TACCP.

Auto-population of information required in risk assessments from self audit questionnaires, raw material specifications and audits management, saving vast amounts of time and ensuring that all the information used in your TACCP and risk assessments is always accurate.

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