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Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply chain risk management is used by proactive manufacturers & processors to enhance brand protection

Supply chain risks include Financial & Commercial, Food Safety, Ethical, Environmental & Brand Protection.

Supply chain risk management

With the rapid rise of social media and ever watchful media there is advantage to be gained from using an integrated solution to assess supply chain risk.

To consistently manage risk assessments in a standardised and auditable manner can be a challenge for existing systems.

The QADEX supplier risk assessment module can be deployed either as a standalone module or in conjunction with other modules such as supplier auditing.

Benefits of using this module include:

  • Configurable to your risk assessment criteria and parameters. Flexibility to risk assess and score suppliers.
  • Multi stage risk assessments can be completed by different departments with all information coming together to form an integrated “risk score” for the supplier.
  • All suppliers are managed consistently.
  • Audit ready 24/7.
  • Ease to use and quick to set up
  • Easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way.

Supply chain risk management

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