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Food Manufacturers & Food Processors Supplier Relationship Management Softwaresupplier relationship management software

Food safety and Brand Protection

The relationship you have with your Suppliers is vital to the profitability and long-term viability of your company, so managing these important relationships effectively is an important task. Good supplier relationship management can improve compliance and mitigate risk, resulting in a significant reduction in supply chain disruptions and fewer product recalls as a direct result of any supplier quality failures. Using Top Supplier Relationship Management Software can help simplify and automate parts of the process freeing up resources and reducing risk.

BRC Version 7 and Retailer Standard requirements

Current Standards require robust Supplier Risk Assessments and Vulnerability Assessments. Every supplier you have needs to be risk assessed, using a standardised, consistent and auditable process across your business.

For food manufacturers and food processors, this is a specialist task that can take huge resources and use many hours of your experienced technical managers. Automating the supplier relationship management process with Supplier Relationship Management Software will give your managers more time to work on your business instead of looking backwards at your suppliers and resolving their risks to your profitability.

QADEX Supplier Risk Assessment Module

Supplier relationship management can be automated with the easy to use Supplier Risk Assessment Module from QADEX. Many companies use it alongside our other modules, and this vital tool allows customisation of all your risk assessment criteria.

Based on the outcome of the risk assessment, automatic prompts will advise the next steps to take in the supplier approval process. It is configurable to your chosen risk assessment criteria and parameters.

Quick & Easy to Implementsoftware supplier relationship management

The system is quick to install and easy to use, giving you a user-friendly experience that will allow you to do all this:

  • Flexible enough to risk assess and score all suppliers consistently across your business.
  • Delivers automatic risk calculation based on your chosen criteria.
  • Easy to drive continuous improvement in your supply chain year-on-year in a standardised, consistent and measurable way.
  • Adjust all criteria and parameters over time.
  • Have an Audit trail to justify all risk assessments.
  • Deliver qualified Risk Assessment Reports to management and other departments.
  • Robust supplier performance management software to help drive; Cost Savings, Efficiency and Collaboration
  • No need for outdated spreadsheets or confusing databases with our online supplier relationship management software
  • QADEX can provide you with a set of Risk Assessment templates completely free of charge that are specific to your specific food industry requirements.
  • QADEX can provide you with a set of Risk Assessment templates completely free of charge that are specific to your specific food industry requirements.

Why not ask us for more details or a completely free demonstration to discover how your business can measure, analyse and manage supplier performance in ways that will allow you to reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve business day to day operations with our Supplier Relationship Management Software.

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Supplier Approval Improvement Workshops

QADEX are also delivering “Improvement Workshops” around Supplier Approval and Risk Assessment.

These workshops aim to give you an insight into what we are hearing & seeing as the key challenges around supplier approval and what you can do as a business to help manage them.

We will present you with some opportunities you may not have realised existed and how these opportunities have worked out at similar companies to your own.

You will also get a demonstration of our robust supplier approval and risk assessment modules, with the opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

Get to see how the QADEX system can reduce your costs and give massive time savings for your business first hand.

At the end of the workshop, you will have created a personal Next Steps Plan for you to take away and start actioning within your business.

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