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Supplier Performance Management For Food Businesses

QADEX is a supplier performance management system for companies who want to drive step change improvement.

Do any of the below apply to your business?

 leading food businesses

  • You have invested heavily in quality management systems across your operations
  • Your quality management system is regularly audited to GFSI/BRC standards and there are few issues.
  • Customer audits are stressful, and there are non-conformances out of them.
  • You are not complacent, you believe in continuous improvement.

If you have answered yes to the above questions, you may think about your supply chain and wonder is there more you could be doing.

  • Do you feel a lot of time is spend on Goods-In paperwork, for compliance purposes, but this paperwork seldom delivers business benefit.
  • Do your current systems alert you to suppliers who were historically good, but who are trending poorly at the moment?
  • If you have multiple sites taking delivery from a supplier, and a number of sites had a single non-conformance from the same supplier, would your current systems instantly alert you?

If you feel that there is more business benefit to be delivered, at lower cost, from supplier performance management, Contact Us to find out more about how this module works.

 leading food businesses
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