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Non-Conforming Product Management Transformed

In an ideal world all ingredients and packaging supplied to your business would comply with raw material specifications.

Non Conforming Product Management

But we do not live in an ideal world.

Retailer standards and the BRC Food Standard, place requirements on your business to have systems in place for non-conforming product management. Progressive food and drink businesses are already looking to implement robust systems for non-conforming product management, that will provide:

  • Quantitative data on each supplier’s quality performance, creating comprehensive supplier score cards and identifying suppliers who need to improve.
  • Removal of subjectivity from supplier risk assessments.
  • Prevention non-conforming products finding their way into your products to avoid any customer complaints or negative feedback on retailer panels.

Detailed legal descriptions about compliance can be found on Page 157, Section: Commodity Trade, in the book ‘Fundamental Breach Considering Non-Conformity of the Goods (Contributions on International Commercial Law) Hardcover – 1 Jul 2007, by B Leisinger(Author)


The dedicated nonconforming product management system will simply manage all your QC checks and drive step-change improvements in food safety and brand protection. It has configurable QC checks by product category, to reflect the different types of checks necessary across each type of product.

Additional configurability includes:

  • Defined frequency of check completion (every delivery, every 5th delivery etc.)
  • Completion of more detailed checks from specific products, from specific suppliers where there is a history of a non-conforming product
  • Configuration of “one-off” quality checks to be completed for a defined timescale.

When goods-in operators are completing checks, it can be critical that they follow work instructions carefully, The Solution can provide extensive work instructions and guidance to operators completing checks to ensure compliance.

Automatic links to raw material specifications, if you are using QADEX for raw material specifications, means that all quality attributes are automatically available to goods-in operators, based on the latest approved raw material specification.

QADEX Goods-In Checks gives you peace of mind, as well as:

  • A flexible Solution, configurable to your requirements.
  • Automatic generation of Non-conforming products sent to your suppliers.
  • Fast and easy responses from suppliers using their QADEX login, for any non-conformances.
  • Extensive reporting dashboards for instant creation of supplier scorecards for supplier review meetings and risk assessment updates.

Why not ask us how we can help your company find ways to secure improvements in food safety and brand protection with the QADEX SOLUTION for managing QC checks. Contact us today for more details, or a totally free demonstration.

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