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Supplier Self-Assessment Management

The food and drinks industry is now forced to manage the process of accurate Supplier Self-Assessment, to enable supply chains to be sustainable and compliant. It is not a small task for any company, with many risks to be identified and then mitigated.

It can take up a large amount of resources, and then become a threat or risk, to your own competitiveness in the market, or resiliency, in the face of any difficulties uncovered. Do you know who your high risk suppliers are? And is there an easier way to manage the process?

All businesses, irrespective of size, should be taking all reasonable precautions to ensure that the products they supply meets safety requirements. While precautions available are related to the size of your business, every business, at all stages of the food or feed chain, must take reasonable precautions to ensure that their products meets food or feed safety requirements. This means lots of paper!!

Supplier Self-Assessment Questionnaires, or Pre-Approval Questionnaires, can form part of an Integrated Supplier Management Program using the QADEX system:

QADEX Integrated Supplier Management Program

The QADEX Self Audits Module can send out an unlimited number of Self-Audit Requests and pre-approval questionnaires, completely electronically. Saving your team hours of work, but that is just the beginning…

All your Suppliers will then receive a questionnaire that they can easily complete online, with the information being automatically integrated into your system. Any suppliers who are slow to respond, or who fail to respond to these requests, will then be contacted directly, by the team of QADEX experienced Account managers, who will support each one of them through the process, chasing up late responses, and making sure that you are provided with all the information you need – exactly when you need it!

Why Should You Try the QADEX System?

  • To free technical resources allowing your business to focus on other priorities.
  • To identify and deal with high risk suppliers quickly and efficiently.
  • To standardise the process across all teams in your business.
  • To protect your business & brand.
  • To have an effective Audit trail of each supplier’s risk assessment history.
  • To use a secure and easy website for suppliers to complete self-audit questionnaires.
  • To give unlimited support to your suppliers.
  • To provide technical support to suppliers who need assistance completing questionnaires.
  • To have automatic reminders for suppliers who have not completed questionnaires.
  • To have telephone based follow up calls to suppliers who are slow completing questionnaires.
  • To have ongoing liaison with your technical department with any issues that arise.
  • To have secure online access for your team.
  • To have easy updates when questionnaire formats are changed.
  • To have multiple questionnaire formats for different types of suppliers.
  • To have Questionnaires fully completed by suppliers before submission.
  • To get instant access to supplier assurance status using a suite of management reports.
  • To have the ability to run queries across all data held in the QADEX system.
  • To have automatic chasing of suppliers for expired certifications.

Supplier Self Assessment

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