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Supplier Certification Management

Is supplier certification management taking up too much time are you certain that certifications are up to date at all times?

If you currently use internal spreadsheets or databases to ensure all certifications held by suppliers are up to date then QADEX is the answer!

We will gather all current certifications from your suppliers and ensure that they are maintained and up to date at all times.

All existing data held on current systems can be migrated by our experienced operations team removing all of the hassle from you.

Here at QADEX we don’t believe its just about BRC anymore, in today’s environment you need to be up to date with everything from RSPO certifications to Red Tractor, from Halal & Kosher to Organic claims you need to be tacking that not only are they all in date but that your suppliers re-new!

The QADEX system is easy to use and any certifications that are out of date are highlighted to you in a way you cannot MISS!

Supplier Certification Management

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